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Here's what to do if you see animal cruelty on the internet:
Thank-you for posting this. Most of us would not know what to do if we came across animal cruelty on the internet.

The first reaction is to try to get it removed or to comment harshly.

I can see now that the careful evidence gathering approach will do more good in the long run.

I think this thread should be made sticky and the important content should be quoted right in the post. There is no guarantee that the link will always be available.
That's a good idea Catherine.
Thank you so much for this, Ruth.

I have seen some dubious YouTube videos in the past, portraying things I wouldn't do with any animal of mine. The maker of a video like that may say there was no cruelty involved, that everything is OK, etc but when I see anything doubtful, I always cringe inside.
It is great to have a resource to turn to. And good to know a thing like this is out there.
I am glad someone has thought over what we should do about animal cruelty on the internet. The internet is still new enough that we are not always sure how to handle things.

I question quite a few things that I see, but it is only a few times any of us would come across real cruelty that can be prosecuted. It is important to know how to collect evidence and what to do with it.

I feel like I now know how to deal with something I never want to see.

It is like my CPR training. I don't want to ever be in a position to use it. I am glad that I know how.
I bookmarked it just in case. I have seen horrible things they do to animals on the internet especially on Facebook. I am a member of many animal rights groups there. Sometimes I cannot even look at some of the cruelty.
I still want to copy the main points directly into the thread. I might be able to do it on Sunday. It has been a busy week. At least the thread is "sticky" so we won't lose it amongst old threads.

It is so bizarre that animal abusers want to post pictures of their abuses. There are sick people put there and we have to watch for them.
Yes, we have to be the poor animals being abused voices.
The internet and social media is a wonderful tool in the hands of people who care about animals. We are using it well.