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Full Version: New Bee Species nest in rock
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They have found a new bee species that builds nests in solid limestone rocks in the southwestern US desserts.
They actually live in sandstone not limestone. It must have been late when I typed this
Somehow these little bees wear holes in the rocks so they have a place to live.

At a time when we keep hearing about be deaths it is nice to hear about bees that are doing well. They are tough little bees when you think of how hard they have to work to build their nests.
The more we observe, the more we discover creatures we didn't know about before.

That is some feat -to burrow into limestone. Sandstone would be so much easier. Yes it shows how hard those little bees have to work, and that's before they start their ordinary job!  Good catch! It is actually sandstone.

There are bees here who live in buildings. I have seen a few bees coming and going from my stone wall. It seems they get through areas where the old Victorian mortar has natural pits and holes. Sometimes, if everything is very quiet, and I put my head just inside the fireplace (when it's not lit -of course!), I hear a distant humming from somewhere well behind the fireplace, within the wall.
As I think I mentioned in a different thread, bees have set up home in the wooden pannelling in our alpaca house. They seem happy there and do not interfere with us or the alpacas. I send them my best wishes!

Bees are very inventive. This latest thread gives a really original example of their creativity. Good find, Catherine.
I am always amazed at the odd things we find out about animals. They seem to be able to live anywhere and everywhere.
Bees are incredible. If we would just give them a chance and leave them alone they will continue to do what they are supposed to and leave us alone.

I love the idea of bees nesting in the alpaca house. I wonder if the alpacas keep the bees warm by their presence.

Interesting that you would hear bees in your chimney. They must be nesting in the stone somehow. I wonder if the fire in the winter keeps them from getting too cold.

I have bees in my area, but I have never found a single nest. I hope there are some nearby. Who knows, they may be living in my garden and I just might not have spotted them yet.