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So on the old forum we had a thread where everyone posted pictures of themselves. Since not everyone has a picture of them selves as their avatar/profile picture.

Even though I have a picture of myself as my avatar/profile picture I'll still post a picture.
I think this will always be a favourite picture of me. It was taken when I found out that I could have Earl the corn snake. He is an older rehome, but we have already had a few good years and I hope many more.
[Image: IMG_5699.JPG]

I think it would be hard to find a picture of me without an animal.
[attachment=8]You both look so nice!
I love the "snake lady"!

OK this is me. I only have 2 digital pics of me in existence. One of them is this (which I combined with a cameo of Misty to make a slightly blurry 'avatar')
This was taken in 2011.
The other one looks weird, so I'm not posting it. A bit "Goth"
I have pictures that I wouldn't post.Smiley4

That is a good picture of you and I am glad Misty is with you. I think all our pictures are current, my hair might be a little whiter. We are a smiling group. And yes I am called the snake lady. I shake the image of what a reptile owner should look like. I also help to reassure parents that snakes are gentle pets.

Libby, I am glad you started this thread. I like to have a picture in my mind when I am relying to a thread.
(01-09-2014, 02:26 PM)Catherine Wrote: [ -> ]Libby, I am glad you started this thread. I like to have a picture in my mind when I am relying to a thread.

Me too. I liked having a reference of what people look like. And some people you can't tell from their picture or name what gender they are so go around thinking some one is a female and then come to find out they weren't.
I think that is why I use my own name as a user name. I want to be seen as myself when I talk to people. That is why I choose a picture of myself as an avatar.
It is weird sometimes when you have a picture in mind and someone looks completely different. I am not sure how we create the pictures. I guess we are reminded of someone and assume you should look like the person we are reminded of. It is kind of silly, but that is how our brains work.Smiley4
This is me.
You are very pretty Ruth. And it looks like you are eating a very tasty slice of cake there! (Trust me to be interested in the FOOD! I should have been a dog....LOL!)
Thanks, that's from a few years back when I was out in the country at my cousin's house. I love food, too. Not only does Suzy love food!!
Welcome to the Forum Ruth. I noticed the cake too. We all love cake.

We are always glad of new members, especially ones that smile. Your first name is the same as my middle name. We have almost the same birthday and we are only a few years apart. We probably grew up watching the same TV shows and eating the same foods etc.

Looking at my picture I see it is time for an update.
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