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Full Version: Mission Monarch program
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In the last 20 years the Monarch Butterfly population has declined by 90%. It really looked like we could lose them forever.
However through the efforts of the Suzuki Foundation things are being done to save the Monarchs. Planting milkweed and butterfly friendly plants has helped. Creating areas that are butterfly friendly  is a big step. The Mayors'  Monarchs Pledge that commits to creating a municipality that is monarch friendly has made a difference.

The Monarch Butterfly is a beautiful creature. The year that there were no Monarchs in my garden was a very sad one. Now even though they are still very vulnerable, we are starting to see the Monarchs again. It seems our efforts are paying off. 

This isn't just about the Monarchs. The improved habitats that allow the Monarchs to live also benefit other butterflies and other important pollinators like bees. Saving one species is helping to save many more.

I nearly cried (okay I shed a few tears) when I had a dozen Monarchs in my garden on afternoon. I think they symbolize hope for the environment. If we can save this beautiful butterfly them we can save so much more.