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Full Version: Finally, a use for old chairs!
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Knox County Humane Society has found a use for those big old chairs that people want the get rid of. They go to the dogs, literally. A dog at a shelter feels at home when it has a big old chair to sleep on. The dogs are calmer and happier and finally the chairs have a purpose again.

The idea is brilliant. Dogs love chairs. They look so comfortable and relaxed that people can see what the dog would be like in their home. A happy dog has a better chance of adoption. 

For those unfortunate dogs that never seem to find a home, it is a better life at the shelter when they have their own big comfy chair.

I hope other shelters take note and look for their own chairs.


[Image: awesome-dog-bed-chairs-tags-dog-sofas-an...24x821.jpg]

Dog chairs looks amazing but what about the dogs who love to sit on the chairs of their masters?  Undecided
All dogs love to sit on our chairs. I think that is why the shelter is giving the dogs old chairs. The dogs would know that they were used by people and it would feel more like home to them.

The dream of course is for all the dogs to go home and sit in comfy chairs in their own homes.
This is just nice 28 Dogs like somewhere comfortable to lie and sit on. Of course they do. They will probably relax better and not be so stressed at being in a shelter environment. Big seat cushions taken from old sofas I can imagine would also be useful.

That is an amazing dog bed in your picture Annelle! Are they your dogs?
All the dogs sitting in big comfy chairs look like they are smiling. How sweet is that.  They look so much happier than dogs usually look in cages at an animal shelter. I bet many dogs will get adopted because people will look at them and picture how they will look in chairs at home.

It is a really good idea.