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Full Version: HSI shuts down Korean Dog meat farm...80 dogs rescued
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The Humane Society International has been working to end the dog meat trade and has been working on this particular farm.
They arranged a tour for an Olympic athlete who has adopted one of the dogs. The puppy will travel to the USA with Gus Kenworthy the skier. The rest of the dogs will go to Montreal. They will be checked over and eventually adopted into loving homes.

The dog meat trade is an ongoing struggle. Closing one farm and saving 80 dogs is good. There are still many more farms and many more dogs in danger. It is going to be a long fight. Sometimes you have to focus on the dogs that you can save and be happy with that. Rescuing others is a fight for another day.
Some day dog meat farms will be a thing of the past. Until then we can rejoice that 80 more dogs are safe.
This is very good news, and good work HSI! 80 dogs safe.
No doubt I will see some of those dogs on the streets of Toronto eventually. These dogs are safe and they are very much wanted. I am sure we could find homes for every dog who lives in a dog meat farm. Well done HSI for a good rescue.