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Full Version: Lab dog to lap dog
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There are new laws being brought in in different areas that require labs to find homes for their lab animals when they are finished with them. Up until now they were just euthanized. They lived a short time as a lab animal and then they died. That no longer seems right to us and change is happening.

It is not 100%. Not all labs find homes and not all of the animals are given a chance. Every lab animal that is adopted is one more that has a chance to live a happy life. It may take years, but some day all labs will be required to rehome their animals. Maybe one day there will be no more lab animals. Until then adoption is still a better choice for the animals. They deserve and happiness we can give them.
This is very good news and let's hope these animals, so badly treated, can all hope for a better future as time goes by.
There is a real movement out there to bring lab animals home after the labs finish with them. It is increasingly not acceptable to just kill them off.  No one would dare kill a primate that was used in a lab. Now cats and dogs and even rabbits and other small animals are not considered disposable. Labs don't want to be found out if they are killing animals. Public opinion has really worked again.

When they do find homes, they do very well. People take them knowing where they are from and go out of their way to make the lives of the ex-lab animals as good as possible.

Some day I hope their are no lab animals, but until then this is the least we can do for animals that have been treated so badly.