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Full Version: Couple killed and ate endangered wildlife for You Tube videos
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A "survivalist" couple killed and ate an number of endangered species so they could make money from You Tube videos. Their real motivation seems to have been money. They seem to have no idea that killing an endangered animal is wrong.
This is one of those times when the internet is not a good thing. It encourages such behavior. On the other hand she was caught because someone recognized the species in the video. So there is a balance in the role of the internet.

I hope they are able to bring charges against the couple. There can be no excuse for killingĀ  an endangered species.
Well it is good to see that they have opposition. What a totally stupid thing to do! They have committed an illegal act and I have to hope they get some recompense for that, if only to show them some sense!
It worries me what people are willing to do to get "likes" on the internet. It is even worse if they are trying to make money.
It is almost as if people think that anything posted on the internet should have no consequences.
In this case I really hope there are consequences.
Sorry I'm going to swear bloody disgraceful.
What people do sometimes is shocking. I wouldn't want to know those people.