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Full Version: My Daughters New Sphinx Kitten.
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This is Draco my daughters new little 3 month old Sphinx kitten,these are his PJ's.
Wow! I bet he will be spoilt!
Dear little Draco, what a cutie-pie! I like his PJs. He looks quite big already for 3 months old. Will he be a big cat when he grows up do you think?
Draco really is adorable. The PJs are just so cute and he wears them so well. How is he settling inĀ  with your daughter's family. I bet everyone loves him and he is now the centre of attention.
He takes to everyone he's a real snuggle bunny he is a little spoilt.
Of course he is spoilt. He is so sweet looking. If he has a personality to match he is going to be a real joy.
That really was lucky that she was able to get him like that. There are not too many Sphinx kittens around.
Give him a snuggle from me. If you were nearer I would supply him with fresh catnip.(I grow it in the shelter roof top garden)