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Full Version: Play for Strays... a way to help animals rescued from the dog meat industry
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David Foster was on a business trip to China when he noticed cat and dog skins for sale. That led him to learn about the pet meat trade. He connected with the rescue groups trying to save dogs and find them homes. He was struck by how silent the dogs were and how little play there was between them. He decided to change that by bringing toys for the rescues to play with. The rescue groups can manage food and shelter. There is no money left over for toys.
David has formed a group called Play for Strays that collects toys and David delivers them with each business trip.

I think the idea is great. David is right, the animals need to be more socialized if they are ever going to find homes. Also, if they have toys and learn to play they will be happier and will put their terrible pasts behind them.
I hope he gets his charitable status and can increase the number of toys he can collect and deliver. It is something the dogs need and it is something we can do for them.