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Full Version: Agriculture is killing the bees
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We already know that the pesticides used in agriculture are killing the bees. 
Now vast areas of land are being used for corn and soya beans, crops that hold no food for bees.
In particular a bee refuge area in the USA has lost many acres of bee friendly plants and the bees are suffering because of it.

Bees are in trouble. Honey bees are in trouble and wild bees are in trouble. 

Bees everywhere are in trouble. Bees we have never heard of are in crisis.

One thing we have to deal with is the effects of global warming on bees.
It is possible they will not survive if the temperature goes too high.

Bee extinction would be a terrible thing. It would effect biodiversity on so many levels. Even a serious decline in bee populations is serious.

We have to take this seriously and do anything possible to help the bees. 
We need to fight global warming for the sake of all of us. 
We need to make changes in how we do things to make the world more bee friendly.
Pesticide use has to stop. If planting trees will provide shade and keep hives at a better temperature then we better be planting trees. We better be planting whatever bees need to eat to survive. we need to do something and we need to do it now.