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Full Version: Pet Cottage, a retirement home for pets.
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Pet Cottage is the idea of Wendy Derhak. Pet Cottage is a sanctuary for pets whose owners have died or who can no longer look after them. She is different from a regular animal rescue in that most of the animals she takes in have a permanent home with her. She has volunteers and now hopes to build a better facility so she can help more animals.

Those are pretty lucky dogs that ended up with Wendy. She provides for her dogs and she is concerned about her volunteers.
If she could build a bigger facility that way she envisions it she could help so many, people and animals.
I really wish her every success.
What a hard working lovely woman Wendy is! Bless her heart Heart 
These dogs and cats are all safe now thanks to her. It could have been a different story if there hadn't been someone like her. And she will help with the pain and worry many people would have when they could no longer have their animals at home with them owing to serious illness or disability.
That is a heartbreaking situation. But at least they know their cats and dogs will live out the rest of their natural lives happily under Wendy's care.
And for those animals whose people have passed over -it's good they can live with some happiness and love and proper care. That's always a great worry for single older people ...."What will happen to my dog or cat if I die first?"
We need many more people who will take pets when the owner is unable to care for them or sadly dies first.
Many older people are scared to have a pet because they fear the pet will outlive them. If they knew there was somewhere special for their pet to go  they could have a pet with all the benefits it brings. Pets can fill otherwise empty days at the end of someone's life. It is a happy thing when there is someone to fill the days at the end of the pet's life.

I am sure there are others out there who take on pets like this. It is a special type of rehoming. 

I hope Wendy is able to continue her work and expand it the way she plans. That would be so good and so many more animals could be helped.
What a wonderful idea I wash I had the money and the space to do something like that.
It is a wonderful thing to take in an older pet like that. If only the right people had money, think of the wonderful things we would do with it.

In some ways I do that with reptiles. I have taken in older reptiles like Barrie. It would have been fun to get a baby Tegu, but Barrie needed a home. I will probably never have a baby anything because there are always older adults needing care. Even the guinea pigs I adopt are often older ones. I know people don't want to buy their kids a pet that will die in a year. I understand that, but the old piggie still needs a home. If I only have a sort time with a pet I try to make it the best time ever.
Barrie needs a full spa treatment again. He feels better when I give him a good soak and a massage. His tank is beside the computer and I can watch him sleep while I type. He looks so cute when he is sleeping. He is on his blue camo blanket right now.