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Full Version: A shark that eats grass?
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It looks like we are going to have to rethink sharks some more. They have found a shark species that eats sea grasses.

The idea we have of sharks is that they are totally meat eaters. Now it seems that Bonnethead sharks eat sea grasses. They have the right enzymes to digest the grasses.
If that is true then what do we know about other shark species. Can they digest plants and do they ever eat them.
I hope someone is studying this. Maybe we have misunderstood them all along.
How interesting! That's the first I knew about that particular species, and that it is omnivorous!

Maybe sharks are on the way to becoming vegan.... Smiley4 
If so, it might be time to go back in the water!
Quote:Maybe sharks are on the way to becoming vegan.... [Image: smiley4.gif] 

If so, it might be time to go back in the water!
I am picturing a remake of Jaws where the shark leaps onto the dock and steals someone's salad.
As long as they keep the same music it should still be scary. My guinea pigs would be terrorized by a movie where salad gets stolen.

Seriously though, I wonder if other sharks can digest plant matter. If so do they actually eat plants. Maybe we know a lot less about sharks than we realize. Even shark week doesn't really look beyond the common image of shark as predator.
That is interesting. I heard about this news before but i didn't checked out this shark species.
I agree, it is very interesting. I don't think we have ever looked at sharks beyond their predator image. There may be more to sharks than we realize.