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Full Version: 2018, A good year for animal rights victories
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2018 has proved to be a good year for animals rights victories. A lot of good changes took place. Here are 11 of the best victories.

Less companies are willing to use fur in their fashions. A lot of companies have said no to mohair. Someday our clothing will be cruelty free.
More companies are saying no to animals testing. This is a trend that is spreading. People care now and refuse to use products tested on animals.
Switzerland by banning the boiling alive of lobsters has become the first country to take a stand. Others will follow.

These are good trends.

I like to think the world is a more sensitive and caring place. In some ways this is true. There are a lot more people who care. When we make our feelings known to these companies they listen and change. It has been a good year, but remember to keep pushing for better.