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Full Version: Owner banned from having pets after seriously neglecting her dog.
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Abbie the dog had a skin condition on her face that caused her eyelashes to turn in and rub her eyes. She would have suffered a lot and could no longer see. Even after months her owner did not get veterinary help. When a concerned member of the public called the RSPCA Abbie was rescued. Sadly she was so bad she had to be euthanized. The woman's other pets were taken away too.

After all that Abbie went through, her owner paid a fine and can't own pets for 5 years.  It does seem to be a rather light penalty when you consider that the dog suffered for months and ended up dying as a result.
The penalties for animal cruelty just don't seem to balance with how much the animal suffered.
Five years from now she will get other pets and perhaps neglect them again. She should at least have to put in some community service hours at an animal shelter. There should be some consequences that will make her think about what she did.