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Full Version: Dog left tied up outside animal shelter
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The Calgary Humane Society found a dog tied up outside their shelter at 4:30am on a cold night.  Surveillance videos show a black pick-up truck that stopped and the owner tied the dog to a bench and drove off. The Calgary Humane Society is hoping to find whoever did this.

There is  never any good reason to abandon a dog like that. He could have been dropped off at a 24 hour vet clinic or turned over to an animal shelter during the day. Leaving the dog out in the cold was heartless and cruel and endangered  his life. Can you imagine how the dog felt when the truck drove off and then he was there alone getting colder and colder, wondering why no one returned for him. Whatever reason the person thought he had for abandoning the dog, the way he did it was unacceptable.  Maybe he had to give the dog up, but he could have done it the right way. There is never any good reason for cruelty.
Appalling. This person lacks compassion. I hope that they find the human responsible.
There are so many ways to surrender or rehome a dog. Abandonment in the cold is just not necessary. Someone must know whose dog it is and they can easily report them. This person needs to be identified.
Good news. The dog that was left outside the shelter has done well and now has a wonderful new home. A young couple heard the story and knew they wanted to give this dog a home.

It is a perfect ending to the story. The young couple lost their dog a year ago. They were ready for another dog and this dog  was the right dog for them. They are experienced dog owners and they have a lot of love to give. The dog will have a good life with them and he will give them so much love  and devotion in return.

The only loser is the guy who left the dog behind. They may never catch him, but he knows who he is and what he did.
A story with a happy ending!
There are no unwanted animals. If the guy with the truck had tried he could have found his dog a home.