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Full Version: Studying wildlife response to decreased human activity during pandemic
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A University of Manitoba professor is leading a scientific cooperative called the C19-Wild Research Group. Their focus is on observing and understanding the effects of changed human behavior on wildlife. In particular there is a decrease in human generated noise,  a decrease in traffic and a big decrease in humans outside. There used to be groups of people everywhere. Now we see one person walking alone quietly. This is a big change in our behavior. This is a real opportunity to understand the effects of human behavior on wildlife by observing and making comparisons to pre-Covid 19 observations.

 Until comparisons are made it is not clear how wildlife is effected. We are seeing more wildlife, but maybe we are actually observing what is always there around us. There is no doubt human activity has slowed down. Animals seem to have moved in to take over the spaces we have vacated. It will be interesting to see if this is really true and if it is true what does that mean for wildlife. How will this effect their survival long term. I look forward to hearing the results of this study.

I am liking the decreased activity in some ways. I don't really want it to go back the way it was. I suspect some of my local robins feel the same way.