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Full Version: Humpback whale visits Montreal
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A Humpback Whale in Montreal! This is a first. Montreal is so far up the St Lawrence River that it is totally fresh water. Humpback Whales live in the open ocean. It is not the best conditions for a Humpback Whale. If he is just visiting and leaves for the ocean soon then he will be fine.  
Why he is there, no one is sure. Maybe he is just curious and the lack of human activity has given him the chance to see what is up the river.

Whales are intelligent and maybe they wonder what is going on. Animals of all kinds have noticed that things are different. They know that we are suddenly not around much. They don't know why we are acting different, but maybe they are trying to find out. I know some animals are taking over in our absence. 

Whatever his reasons, I hope this whale heads back to its natural habitat safely.