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Full Version: Orca who carried her dead calf has given birth again
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You may remember the Orca, J-35 or Tahlequah, who carried her dead calf for 17 days. Her grief moved us all to tears. Happily it was obvious she was pregnant again.  One September 4, 2020, she has given birth to a healthy, strong looking calf. The calf has been seen swimming beside her. Every indication is that the calf is healthy.
Her previous calf died 30 minutes after birth. This time it looks like things will be okay.

I am so happy for her. Her loss of a calf so soon after birth was a terrible thing. Her grief was so intense. Having a live, healthy calf is such a wonderful thing for Tahlequah. After all that  pain she can now know joy and love. I wish her all the best  in her  role as a mother. We all know she is going to be the best mother ever.