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Full Version: American Humane Heroic Canine for 2020
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The American Humane Hero Dog Award for 2020 was given to a 4 pound Chihuahua. MacKenzie was born with a cleft palate and spent the first year of her life battling health problems. Now she works with the Mia Foundation, a non profit organization that helps animals born with birth defects that cannot stay with their mothers. MacKenzie is there to greet them and comfort them and help socialize them. MacKenzie also works with school children to teach them to accept others with defects.

Well done that they choose a dog whose heroism is a little different than the usual acts of bravery. It takes a different type of bravery to over come a physical handicap and then give back to others in need. Well done MacKenzie. She may only be 4 pounds, but she is a mighty dog.