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Full Version: Extinction Rebellions
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Once we, as humans, have declared an animal extinct we expect it to stay extinct. Apparently there are some species thagt rebel against our declarations.
Lately we have been finding species that have not been see for a long time. How long? Sometimes they have not been seen for 100 years.
There are quite a few animals that  are with us that we thought were gone. It is also quite a variety of animals from various parts of the planet.

I am impressed by some of the survivors. If they can survive who knows what else might still be alive.

I grew up with movies where explorers would find a lost world of dinosaurs. I know it is unlikely(Totally not possible, but I can still dream can't I?) that there are dinosaurs out there, but there may be a lot more species that are hanging on in spite of our extinction label. It seems that biodiversity is a strong force, as strong as life itself.
That being said, we still need to stop driving species to extinction. Some of them don't come back 100 years later.