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Full Version: Interesting new pet furniture for every taste
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There are some interesting new designs is pet furniture. They are modern and different and would add to any decor.

I love the dog house made of tennis balls. There are dogs that would go wild over a house like that. Some of the designs are so different, you hardly know they are pet furniture.  I know pets who would love some of the designs.
Oh wow I like the tenis ball one but lord I don’t need it with Cleo our ball crazy foster. Hahaha I’d probably go crazy!
I really want that modular cat house! Castiel I think would like it and use it. He’s been pretty intrested in any tunnel toy I get him. The one he has now he loves to hide and jump out an any unsuspecting passer by.
Cats love stuff like that modular house. It would give Castiel a real sense of having his own private space.
A lot of dogs would love the tennis ball house. Even if a dog house had a few tennis balls it would make Cleo very happy.
I just love the interesting pet furniture designs people come up with.
Están hermosas, me encantan, yo les colocaré una Cinta de Regalo para que se vea mucho mejor
Yes they are beautiful. Most pets would love furniture like that.