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Full Version: Covid outbreak with Atlanta Zoo Gorillas
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We know we share a lot of diseases with our fellow primates. We know that Covid can effect a number of animal species. Atlanta Zoo was going to be vaccinating its gorillas very soon. Unfortunately they have contracted covid and it has spread to 18 of the twenty gorillas. They are treating them and so far it looks good for their recovery. When they recover they will still be vaccinated. It is the only way to protect them.

This is a lesson to us all. They were only in contact with vaccinated staff. Unfortunately a vaccinated staff without symptoms passed the virus to one gorilla. After that it spread.  We can hope for a good outcome to this situation, but the older gorillas would be more at risk.   Earlier this year San Diego Zoo gorillas contracted covid. After treatment they have recovered. In spite of precautions there is risk of transmission. We can't be too careful if we want to get through this safely.
I hope they will all recover well. Heart

Yes, it is important for us to take notice of what happened. The staff were vaccinated! Yet still passed on Covid. We all need to be aware of that.
There are multiple reports of zoos with outbreaks. They are rushing to vaccinate the animals that they can. This is a time when we need to be even more careful.
It would be sad to get sick now when we have almost made it. Maybe the zoos need to even more careful than they were. It is hard to have the energy to be more careful now, but I think we need to do it.