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Full Version: South Korea considers dog meat ban.
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It hasn't happened yet, but South Korea is considering a dog meat ban.
The issue of animal rights is now being considered. Younger people are not in favour of eating dog meat and the whole industry that surrounds it.
It still needs to be sorted out. Some parts of the population still want to continue the practice and some want it banned.

The possibility of a ban is being considered. That is huge progress. Even if it fails to happen this time, it is being considered and in some ways it has become inevitable. As people increasingly reject the dog meat industry, the country is moving towards a ban. 
I am hoping it happens now, but if not, I know it will happen some day.
I didn't see that news before. Thank you.

The sooner the ban happens, the better. We can hope.
It's good to know that younger people in South Korea are in favour of the dog meat ban. They are the future.
It would be a gift for all us who care if this actually happened. It would free up resources to help dogs in other countries. If one country bans dog meat, it puts pressure on other countries to do the same. This would be an important victory.