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Full Version: The very high cost of fireworks!!
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Two dogs in the UK were so terrified of the bangs from fireworks that they sadly passed away. One dog ran into the sea!...but fortunately was found later, very cold and shivering, but alive.

Are fireworks really worth it? Two (at least) dogs' lives lost from sheer fear, and goodness knows how many dogs who ran off and may still be out there -lost!
There is a Beagle who has been missing for a few days in my area. She may have run away because of fireworks, I don't know.

I remember when I was a child, there were "bangers", and then there were other fireworks which created a lovely display but not an explosive noise. I have often wondered why all fireworks have to create a dreadful noise nowadays.

Fireworks disturb wildlife dreadfully too.I witnessed that panic and confusion which hit many wildlife species on the millennium eve when I walked in the fields at midnight, and fireworks were going off so loudly all around, making everywhere sound like a battlefield. I was so sorry for them all.
Are fireworks really worth it?   NO! 

Fireworks are beautiful and exciting, but people's pets are terrorized and and even die because of them.  Wildlife is disturbed by by fireworks. We don't really know how much damage is done to wildlife. Fireworks also are a source of air pollution.
Fireworks have even triggered wildfires where animals and people have died.

I think we can make a very good case against fireworks. 
I am sure we can come up with other ways to have bright lights in the sky.
Welcome to the forum. It wasn't the actual cost we were concerned about. We worry about the effect of fireworks on animals, both wildlife and people's pets.
When fireworks causes animals to die or be injured then the price is too high. If we searched we could find pages of articles about animals who were harmed by fireworks.

There is more than enough evidence to suggest that fireworks are just not safe. I am sure we can do better and safer.
There must be many other ways to celebrate that do not cause harm.