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Full Version: The Zoo Christmas Wish List
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The Toronto Zoo puts out a Christmas Wish List  as part of their animal enrichment program. It is a way to meet the animals needs and to engage the public in the animal enrichment program. Through observation we are learning that animals need interesting things in their environment to enrich and stimulate their lives.
The Toronto Zoo, like many other zoos has a lively enrichment program.

Everything that lives needs some form of stimulation to keep alert and interested. It has taken some careful, creative thought to figure out what will be of interest to everything from and orangutan to a tortoise. It is fun to be at the zoo when they have just given out a new set of toys.
I remember years ago they gave large Zoo sweatshirts to the Orangutans. They put them on and wore them. None of them were inside out or backwards. They knew how to get it right.