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Full Version: Gene editing for sex selection
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I came across this article and I am going to put it out there for discussion. 
I think we have the technology to do this.
So the issue is should we do it.

Let me first state that I am not coming out for or against this.
If it is being researched then we should be aware of it.

Again, I think we have the technology to do this. Can we do this without creating a disastrous mistake that wipes out life as we know it. Maybe, maybe not.
Can we do this with out creating some smaller mistakes that could be a real problem? Probably not. There are bound to be mistakes.
This is a science issue that needs to be reviewed carefully.

Should we do this? Is it ethical? Does it further animal suffering or does it normalize it?
I don't know. I can see the good side of not killing thousands of male chicks because they are never born.
Would this make us feel better about our intense factory farming techniques? If so, is it such a good idea?

Knowing our success with bright ideas, I am a little uneasy. There are a lot of ways this could go wrong.
Anyone have any thoughts on this.
That is very interesting. One thing that comes to mind for me, it might be this research, is that some animals have multiple genes that can determine sex. It's never as easy as we think!

Here's an interesting video on the chromosomes that determine sex.
That is a good video. It makes some very good points about sex determination. It is very complex and has many variations. 
So thinking they can easily do sex selection for offspring is a bit over simplifying things. It might work for some species. It might work for some species for a while and then the species will find a way to go back to producing males and females. All of these things need to be considered.

I was more thinking about the ethics and the dangers. What if they find a way to stop males from being produced in a species. If it spreads to the whole species it could be a problem. (Or else the animal will find a way to work around this)
What if this male suppression gene editing spreads to other species. We could have a problem. Gene editing is not so precise. Even if it was, are we so sure of what we want to create. Do we understand what we would be getting if we make a change?

Then there is the big question, should we do this. Do we have a right to alter other species this way. We already make some serious changes in the animals we use as food.   Does this go too far. Have we already gone too far.

Before we actually do this we should look at all the questions carefully. It might not be possible to undo things once we have done them.
It is a lot to think about.