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Full Version: Vegan Pet food growing in popularity
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In response to the growing trend towards a vegan diet, there are now dog and cat foods that are vegan.
These are not simple, easy to make vegetable pet foods. They use a variety of protein sources. In particular insect protein is used in the vegetarian products.
Other combinations of plant based proteins are combined to make them nutritionally complete. 
It is not clear yet if these products are going to work for pets in the long term. It is not clear if their owners are going to keep using the products. 
Right now people are showing an interest in vegan pet foods for ecological reasons.

I don't know if vegan pet foods can work for dogs and cats. If they are nutritionally well balanced they should work. It would be a very good alternative to the massive amount of meat that is used in pet food. It would have an ecological impact in a good way. If we can get people's pets to eat less meat, then maybe we can get people to eat less meat. This is a trend that could benefit us and I think it could work. Even if people fed their pets some vegan pet food it would have benefits for the planet. Anything that cuts back our meat consumption will have benefits in the long run.