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Full Version: Hidden Marmot colony spotted
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The Vancouver Island Marmots are critically endangered. Their numbers went as low as 27 individuals in 2003. Toronto Zoo and Calgary zoo have been involved in a breeding program to raise Marmots and return them to the wild. The program has been successful and a number of marmots have been set up in colonies on Vancouver Island. This newly discovered colony is one that expanded from one that was set up from captive bred marmots. There are as many as 12 individuals in the new colony. This means the Marmots are expanding their territory and increasing their numbers.  There are around 200 Marmots now.

This is such good news. The marmots were nearly wiped out by clear cutting of forests on Vancouver Island. Human activity nearly destroyed them. 
Now an assist by humans is starting to bring them back. It has taken a lot of hard work, but it is worth it. They are not out of danger yet, but the Marmots have a much better chance of survival.