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Full Version: Banning Goldfish as fairground prizes
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Goldfish have been given as fairground prizes for many years.  The RSPCA is trying to get Wales to stop the practice.
The fish usually end up being looked after improperly. People who just won a fish are not prepared to feed and house the fish. The certainly are not ready to look after it the right way. Goldfish need big tanks. They are a big fish.  They can live many years. A lot of fairground fish die young. Some barely survive the trip home.
Too many die on the way.

Some places have banned the practice of goldfish as prizes. Gradually this is happening. Until it is everywhere, goldfish will suffer neglect and poor conditions. 
Even well-meaning people can be ignorant of a goldfish's real needs. With the right care a goldfish can grow big and live 20-30 years. These beautiful fish don't deserve to be throw away prizes. They deserve a chance at life. Banning them from fairgrounds at least protects them from needless suffering.
The next step would be educating people about the proper care of goldfish.
The article is about Wales, where change is slowly happening. However, in England the practice is not banned. It is merely forbidden to give goldfish to a young person under 16 *who is unaccompanied by an adult*. So it is still legal in England if a child is with a parent or other responsible adult. This also needs sorting.
They still give out goldfish as prizes in Toronto. I think it is legal right across the country.
A lot of places will ban children (without an adult) from winning or even buying a goldfish. However, that still leaves it open for most children to receive a fish. 
Most children are not out without an adult. Most adults think goldfish are easy to care for and can survive in a small bowl without an air source.

Good for Wales that they are thinking about a ban. 
It is going to take a lot of work to finally ban Goldfish as prizes. We need to change our attitudes about pet fish. They are not really respected.
People value fluffy pets, fish not so much.