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Full Version: Pond digging in Switzerland increases frog populations.
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Frogs in Switzerland were declining. A program of pond digging was undertaken in Aargau area. Over a period of twenty years, four hundred and twenty-two ponds have been dug. Over this time period, eight endangered species either increased their populations or at least stabilized them. 

In particular the European Tree Frog benefited from the new ponds. In one area the population quadrupled. The frogs increased the number of locations they inhabited as well.

It is very clear that providing suitable habitats is the most effective way to save a species. Any time conservation efforts work on habitats, they get results.
We have the answer for the frogs. Now we just need many more ponds to be dug in many more places. Amphibians are in trouble. The real solution seems to be volunteers armed with shovels. If only this could be expanded globally.