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Full Version: Fireworks could have long lasting effects on birds
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We know that birds and other wildlife are affected by fireworks. Birds fly much more on a night when there are fireworks. That extra flying depletes them and could have a long-lasting negative effect.

This needs more study. Fireworks already are being banned for other reasons. If it can be shown that wildlife is seriously affected that would be one more arguement for banning them. At least they should be limited to professional displays. It is too dangerous to have private homes setting off fireworks all over.
Maybe we need to find a more environmentally friendly way to celebrate.
I was certain fireworks must seriously upset all wildlife. I remember on Millennium Eve, I went out up the hill behind my house just before midnight, and then the sky was lit up all around with fireworks, and the noises were terrific. It sounded like a battlefield.

Birds which had gone to roost hours before were flying around in a panic, and I was concerned also about the pregnant sheep which were in a field up there.

It was nice from a human point of view to see the huge display, but I thought at the time it was having a devastating effect on all the creatures.

I am not surprised fireworks have long lasting effects on creatures. Powerful adrenalin surges are likely to do damage which makes a mark, and isn't suddenly gone when the disturbance has ended.
I am sure the adrenaline surges are damaging. We know now that stress causes serious health problems.
Fireworks are becoming more common. More individual families want their own display. There are more events during the year where people set off fireworks.
Once a year, a few displays, probably wasn't so bad. Now it seems like it is every month. 

A small city just north of Toronto is in the process of banning private fireworks displays and even the sale of fireworks.
It was so bad the last time there were fireworks, the air is the city was bad for breathing.

I know they are not really thinking about wildlife, but local wildlife will still benefit from the ban.

If one city can do it so can the rest.