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Full Version: Recovery of the Condor
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In the 1980s there were few Condors and none flying in the wild. The species was in a very precarious position. Through some serious conservation efforts there are hundreds of birds, and it is possible to see them in the wild. They are expanding their range and some day they could be back in all the places where they belong.
It has taken time and a lot of work, but Condor recovery has happened.

We can do this. We can fix what we have broken. There are a number of species that we have saved. They are doing fairly well. Even if it was our fault in the first place, we have done what was needed to make things right. Now we need to keep going with this and a great many conservation projects.

When I was in California on a trip, the only Condors I could see were in zoos. Now if I visit California, it is possible I could see a Condor flying free in the sky.