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Full Version: Polar Bear capital is warming too fast for the bears
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Fort Churchill is known as the Polar Bear capital of Canada. Global warming is causing the sea ice to form later and later and break up sooner and sooner. The Polar Bears are stuck on land longer and longer. To hunt they need to bee on the ice where they can catch seals. Life on land lacks the fat rich diet of seals they need to raise their cubs. The bear population has declined 30% in 30 years. By 2050 or sooner the bears will reach a starvation point.

The bears really are a symbol of the emergency we are facing. We can't go on the way we are. It isn't just about bears starving in Fort Churchill. 
It is about the whole planet in trouble. We need the COP15 conference in Montreal to conclude with strong resolutions.
We need it for the bears and we need it for ourselves and the rest of the planet. Otherwise at some point we could find everything else is in the same danger the bears are in now. Some parts of the planet have already reached that point.