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Full Version: Wildlife relocation revives threatened species
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There is a real effort being made to relocate wildlife when necessary. Sometimes animals are moved to safer locations. Animals are returned to areas where they used to live. They are moved to help a population in another area that is declining. Sometimes they are moved because a species only exists in one area and that makes them too vulnerable.
This is happening in many places with different types of animals.

This relocation of wildlife may make all the difference between survival and extinction. It can also save an ecosystem be restoring its balance. 
Yes it would be better if we were not in this mess, but  are here and this is a way of restoring things. I can't imagine what it is like for the UK to have species returned that have been gone for centuries, even millennia. I know how I feel every time a new buffalo herd is established. Not every effort is successful, but enough are to make it worthwhile. Some relocations, like the wolves in Yellowstone park  have transformed the landscape and made it healthy again.

Only time will tell which of these relocations works. Let us hope that we hear a lot of good news in the future.