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Full Version: Alberta Oilsands Contamination
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The oilsands have been an environmental problem since they started extracting petroleum products from them.
This time it is seepage from tailings ponds. This is not the first time this has happened. This time it was kept secret for 9 months. The Federal government is supposed to be notified in 24 hours.

The people who live in the area are also supposed to be notified. 
The animals who live in the area and down stream from it are not actually notified, but leaks are supposed to be stopped to prevent harm.
You might notice how often I used the words supposed. The oilsands extractions were supposed to do no harm. 
Everything was supposed to be left as it was when the petroleum products are all extracted.

Nothing will go back the way it was. Much environmental harm has been done.

This article is from 2014. The study was done by the University of Manitoba, so it can be trusted. Things are not getting better 9 years later.

The people have a higher cancer rate because the animals are contaminated. 
No one is really studying the impact of the health of the animals. They are barely studying the impact on human health.
They certainly are not taking the dangers of contamination seriously. A leak was allowed to continue for 9 months.
A large area of land and all its inhabitants have been impacted.
Who knows if clean up is even possible.
The animals always suffer when human beings make mistakes.
Quote:The animals always suffer when human beings make mistakes.

This is one of our bigger mistakes.

Vast amounts of habitat have been destroyed.
Countless animals are dead or will be dead. This time we have really messed up. 
We could be building solar panels or wind turbines. Instead we are destroying so much land that it puts the whole planet at risk.