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Full Version: Parental leave for a new pet?
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There was a time not so long ago that people did not get time off to be with their children and now we take time off when we get a new pet. I guess we have learned what really matters to us and for many people, their pets are their children. So why wouldn't they send out announcements and take time off.

Maybe we could have Puppy Showers instead of Baby Showers. It could be a really fun thing to do.

Of course with my bunch of pets, I would be on leave all the time and for my snake hatchling shower just bring snake food.Smiley4
I think it is a great idea.
A new animal in the family needs some time to adjust and get used to its people. Whether that is a rescue animal or a new puppy or kitten etc. Just putting an animal in a house where it has never been before and then leaving it alone for 8-9 hours isn't very nice. And with a pup or kitten it's a dreadful shock, as they may have only just left their mothers and litter mates.
So having the chance to spend some quality time with a new pet to help it adjust is a good idea.
I agree. It is also interesting how many people on forums and social media refer to "my fur baby" or similar phrase. It is not an expression which I consider appropriate (since animals are not our children, they are creatures in their own right), but I can understand and empathise with how they feel. The main thing, fur baby or not fur baby, is that the love is real and lasting.
I think it shows a sensitivity to the needs of the new pet. Maybe people are calling their pets fur babies because there is so much pressure on people to have children.

Also, so much of our life experiences are geared to family and children. Those with out children are feeling left out. They want to share the experience of bringing a new family member home and celebrate like everyone else.

Also people assume if you don't have kids you are not as busy. Taking puppy leave makes a statement.
Yes a lot of people have maternal/paternal instincts about their animal companion. I guess that is because deep down they know they are in charge in a way in this world, and the animal is in many ways a 'dependant'. The animal would probably not do very well to survive without them.

However, on Soul terms, it can often be the other way around! We give them their food, and show them round this world humans have built, and guide them through the ways of the World, and provide medical care for them. But deep down, sometimes, they know more than we do! They are not 'babies' at all! And I always think it is unfair to treat them as babies.
I like to treat my pets as equals or at least as individuals with their own choices and interests.

I only think of them as babies when they are actually babies.
You are right they have a lot to give us.