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Full Version: An end to animal testing?
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I can across a good article(rather long) that talks about newer and better methods of testing new drugs. It seems that not only is animal testing outdated, it is unreliable. Newer methods would bring better results and be much faster and cheaper.

This is a review of the article and it give enough information for quick reading.

There is no excuse for the cruel and outdated treatment of lab animals.
It is no longer the best way to test things. So it is second best and unreliable. Why would anyone want to continue animal testing.
A fascinating article!
I hope this takes off and becomes the norm for drug testing. Experimentation on animals is barbaric, and one day we shall look back in horror that it was ever done.
Barbaric and not helpful! Future generations will look back at us with horror and wonder how we could do the things we do.

Testing medications is bad, but when it is testing perfume and makeup it is unthinkable that animals should die for that.
How right you both are! We have known for years that animals do not always react in the same way to drugs that humans do. But at last there is hope that the scientific community will leave unreliable animal testing behind. We have the high-tech computer modellers to thank, not the existing medical researchers!
I think the real problem will be to convince legislators to change the rules. We tend to hang on the old ways of doing things long after they have been proved wrong.