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Full Version: Street Food Truck for Dogs
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Now I have seen it all. I am used to street vendors selling various treats.
It seems that someone had the idea that there should be a food truck for people out there with their dogs, so they can buy their dog a snack that is safe for it to eat.

The idea is quite good.

The treats are dog healthy and they do look good. I hope Toronto gets one soon. Do I need to have a dog to shop there? And where can I borrow a dog?Smiley4
That is such a brilliant idea! I hope they do well. Misty would have very much liked a mobile food truck! She would have liked one to follow her around constantly! LOL
The dogs are going to smell that coming.
They could have the food truck drive around like the ice-cream trucks.
They usually have a distinctive piece of music that they play so you know the ice-cream truck is coming.

In this case how about "Who Let The Dogs Out"

I could picture Misty listening for the truck and hearing it when it was blocks away. I am sure she would have even dreamed about it.

I hope the idea catches on.