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Full Version: Reptiles banned from G20
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I had to post this even though it is weird. Australia is about to experience the G20. My sympathies. Toronto went through it 4 years ago and things are still not sorted out.

It seems that among the many things banned from the G20 area, reptiles are specifically named. I am not sure how that makes the G20 safer. There are dangerous reptiles, but one would not be able to safely use a dangerous reptile as a weapon. The person holding the dangerous reptile would be in the most danger.

Oh well, if banning reptiles makes them feel safer, I am happy for them.Smiley4 Not!

In Toronto they banned people, any people, guys trying to get home from work, guys riding their bikes a long way from the G20, children, old ladies, they just arrested anything that moved. A woman blowing bubbles got arrested.

Maybe banning reptiles at least sort of seems rational. Maybe. Or not.Smiley4
Aw! That won't load for me right now, so I will look at it later this evening, to find out what the G20 is and what it's all about. My guess is if they ban old ladies blowing bubbles, they would ban anything.
The G20 is followed by law suits where ever they hold it. The police here in Toronto violates basic human rights by holding people in a detention centre(that they hastily set up) with out any basic amenities like food water and bathrooms.
I stayed indoors the whole weekend because I had an elderly pet that needed care and I couldn't risk arrest by being out on the streets.

Following G20 logic, since reptiles have been identified as dangerous goods, if a butterfly lands on someone they should arrest them.
People with dogs wouldn't be able to walk them. I hope they have enough sense to leave town and stay away until it is over.

I wonder if they will try to "arrest" wild reptiles.
Whoa.... This sounds surreal! I have never heard of this, and am shocked yet somehow not surprised. The 'powers that be' are on some sort of mission....and basically that has nothing to do with the welfare of the people who voted them to so-called "power". And certainly not to do with the welfare of animals.
How are they allowed to get away with this sort of thing? Sheer might....police/military back up that's how.
My goodness!

My personal viewpoint is serious. This is very sinister, and maybe going to become widespread, and it is time we at least educated ourselves about what our so-called 'leaders' have in mind for us.....and probably under some kind of 'false flag' excuse.

Don't get me started!
It is the G20. Every time they hold a meeting of the top twenty economic powers, G20, the host country goes nuts about security.

When England held the G20 there were many heavy handed rights violations.
When the G20 was held in Toronto four years ago the abuse of police powers was shocking, especially since Canada has no history of such things. There are still law suits and controversy.

I looked up the G20 in Australia and was expecting the usual rights violations.

When I read about reptiles being banned, I couldn't believe it. People will be detained if they are caught holding a reptile during the G20.

I know a teenager who was arrested for having a first aid kit and eye drops.
It is just that the reptile ban is so ridiculous.
Maybe we should start banning the G20.
No, I don't think you're missing anything. The rules seem clear. Do not carry a reptile or you will be arrested. The same for a toy car. Offenders risk a fine of 5500 AUD. Strip searches on the spot (the mind boggles!) have also been authorised. Latest details here:
It is G20 thinking or rather non thinking.

We went through it here. They forced us to cancel public transit in the downtown core. (One could wonder why they held the actual conference in that down town core) People who work in that down town core were arrested when they tried to walk home from work. A med student trying to cross the street to get a coffee was arrested even though his back pack had a med school text book in it. Their thinking was bizarre.

Toy cars and reptiles really don't make good weapons.

My advice to anyone in the area would be to either leave town for the duration or do what I did, I did not go outside.
If you do plan to protest, write your lawyers name on your arm in non washable ink and be prepared for rough treatment. Be prepared for years of post G20 law suits. We are still not over it from 2010.

Just as a silly thinking extra, they spent almost 2 million dollars setting up a media centre with a fake lake and deck chairs looking at pictures of Canadian scenery. What reporter would sit in a deck chair watching pictures while there is a big story going on. Reporters were arrested too by the way, so I guess they wanted them to sit in deck chairs.
That is a bit odd.
I have been known to take my bearded dragon for a walk. I have even taken a corn snake for a walk. They like being outside on a nice day.

I wonder what they were really up to.

Did anyone at the G20 get caught with a reptile?

Our G20 was 4 years ago and the law suits still continue. They are currently trying to charge a police officer. There were so many rights violations they may never finish sorting it out.
Oddly your PM makes my PM not look quite so bad. Don't be fooled, he is no better. You are just lucky enough to have an election so you might be able to get rid of some people.

Is there anyone who might be less bad. Is there at least someone running who will not do too much damage.

They wonder why we do not vote, but how do you choose. What if you do not want any of the candidates. Good luck, I hope it is not too bad an outcome.
You know we could switch our government for your government and no one would notice. A money hungry moron is a money hungry moron.
You have the great Barrier Reef that is in danger. We have idiots digging up the Tars sands, creating a massive eco disaster.

A lot of these people still claim that there is no problem. Climate Change? What is that? Global Warming, what Global Warming?
They choose not to know.

How badly affected will Australia be if the ocean level rises?
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