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RE: Old Forum-New Forum - LPC - 03-11-2014

Regarding more exposure for a site and moving up on the search engines, posting on related forum sites is a good and safe way to get links. Most search engines give priority to sites which are "respected" - meaning in terms of content quality and well linked by other sites. AF has the right idea.

It is very important that the links to a site should be related in terms of content/emphasis. One should never pay a company to create links for one's site. Such companies pay individuals to post links wherever/whenever they can, regardless of context - hence the irritating spam posts. The search engines (especially Google) penalise sites with such irrelevant or false links.

I think you are doing just fine for a new site, Catherine. Posting on other animal forums (= "related sites") which allow a link in signature would gain even more ground. That reminds me, when I review my "further reading" page on my site I must include links to this forum and to MPOP!

RE: Old Forum-New Forum - Catherine - 03-12-2014

I think I am beginning to get the picture. I have concentrated on keeping up new posts on our site so there would be traffic.

I never thought about posting on related sites. If I register on a related site should I put a link to Animal Lovers Forum in my signature?
Of course I have been so busy with the set up of the new Forum site that I haven't even followed the links to our own members sites.

There has been a lot to do to get things going. I feel that things are steady enough that I have time to look over our software in detail and find out what it can do. This has been a real learning experience.

RE: Old Forum-New Forum - mariarheateddy - 08-11-2015

(03-04-2014, 03:38 PM)Catherine Wrote: I just tested something. If you Google the old Forum, it brings you to our current site. The name is close enough that it connects. That is what I was hoping for when I chose the name. I had to pick from what was available, but the choice I made works.
I just thought I would share that with you.Biggrinsmiley


RE: Old Forum-New Forum - Catherine - 08-12-2015

Thank-you and welcome to the Forum.
It is getting close to two years now and we don't really think about the old forum any more. We have developed our own identity as Animal Lovers Web Forum.