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BAD EGGS - WHO WILL CRACK FIRST? - Grant King - 04-30-2020

Hi everyone. If you like your animal stories with generous dollops of romance, mystery and humour, BAD EGGS is your book. Here's an overview:

What happens when an outspoken animal lover wants to marry the daughter of a North Yorkshire battery hen farmer? Adman animal sympathizer Bailey Harland wants to marry Gabriel Hogg, but her loathsome factory farming father, Austin Hogg, won’t have a bar of it. Fortunately Austin is dying and dead people can’t refuse marriage consent. However his imminent demise raises an entirely new question - who will inherit the fortune that is Windy Dale Eggs? 

Enter a basketfulof two-faced ‘bad eggs’ vying for a profitable place in Austin Hogg’s heart – the wife, the snaky son-in-law, the ex and the ever-hypocritical Bailey who has more than a few skeleton’s in his apparently squeaky clean, animal-loving closet. And when Windy Dale Eggs comes under violent terrorist attack, all fingers point one way. Who are the truly ‘bad eggs’ and who will crack first?

BAD EGGS takes a swipe at everything from factory farming and fox hunting to game shooting and dancing bears. 

Sound interesting? Check it out here:

RE: BAD EGGS - WHO WILL CRACK FIRST? - Catherine - 04-30-2020

Welcome to the forum. Please introduce yourself.
I have never heard of the book, but it does sound entertaining.
It also sounds like it exposes the negative side of egg farming and the various types of hunting. Since it is a different type of book maybe it will reach people who would not normally read an article about factory farming.

RE: BAD EGGS - WHO WILL CRACK FIRST? - Grant King - 04-30-2020

Hi Catherine and thanks for your comments. You're exactly right: part of the motivation for writing BAD EGGS was the ability to surreptitiously educate on animal issues in and around the narrative. I really hope it can reach a wide audience and make people think more about these things than they otherwise would. Oh, and it's a good story too!

RE: BAD EGGS - WHO WILL CRACK FIRST? - Catherine - 04-30-2020

Sometimes you have to sneak the truth to people. I hope it works. The story does sound entertaining.