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Missing lizard found after 5 months - Catherine - 11-27-2020

It isn't just cats who come back. It seems that lizards can come back too. Joe the Tegu slipped out when his people were cleaning last July. After searching everywhere they accepted that Joe was gone.  Meanwhile someone walking through downtown Toronto found a Tegu and brought it home.  A little help from posts on social media alerted Joe's people and they tracked down the man who had Joe. After some negotiations  Joe is home where he belongs.

Darn, why didn't I find Joe. He is a close relative of my Tegu Barrie. I had just lost Barrie and he could have lived in Barrie's tank while I searched for his people. 
No Tegu wanders the streets of Toronto who doesn't have worried people looking for him.
I am happy that Joe made it home. He belonged with his people and they must have been so worried about him. They know how to look after him too.
Tegus are a little tricky to care for.