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Highway closed to protect pregnant Grizzly Bear - Catherine - 01-06-2021

A section of highway and a part of Banff National Park is now off limits to people. It is grizzly bear hibernation time and humans can disturb the bears as they sleep. This year in particular there is a mature  female who was observed breeding and is thought to be pregnant. She needs her sleep to be undisturbed so the area has been off limits since November. Grizzly cubs are born in January so she needs privacy to give birth and raise her cubs.
There are a number of grizzly bears in the park area, but it is important that females be protected so they can ensure the numbers of bears remain strong.
Grizzly bears are a threatened species so it is important that we protect them.

First let me wish the mama bear all the best and hope she has beautiful healthy cubs.

This is really a good sign that we are placing the wellbeing of other species ahead of our own wants. Humans can visit another parts of the park. For the bears it is not so simple. They need to den where they are and sleep through the coldest part of the winter. They can't fly south and vacation in a warm location. They have to live where and be what they are.  We need to step back and let other species live in peace. Things like this closed highway are a sign that we are willing to do that.