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Singapore has abandoned hamster problems - Catherine - 05-21-2021

During the pandemic lockdown  people in Singapore adopted hamsters. Hamsters are more work than people realize and when they went back to work they no longer wanted the hamsters.  Many are surrendered directly to Hamster Society Singapore. Some are abandoned in public places. In 2019 they took in 200 hamsters. In 2020 they took in 700 hamsters. Some of these hamsters were injured or in bad shape. Some died in a few days and some are too damaged to be adopted.

 Hamsters are cheap and easy to purchase so anyone can buy one. Not everyone is able to look after a hamster. They are not an easy pet, they are not a starter pet. They require a lot of care.
Too often people make impulse purchases when it comes to pets. They see the pet. It looks cute. They buy the pet. 
What they don't do is find out what the pets needs and really look at whether they can do this.

The pandemic has made things worse, but the tendency to make impulse purchases has always been there.
I have bought a few silly things during the pandemic. Some I will wear some I won't.  What I didn't do was make an impulse purchase of a living creature that needs a lot of care and could live for years. Those kinds of purchases need a bit of thought first. Sadly for the hamsters in Singapore, people did not think first.