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Fish Farm Collapse
Once again "factory farming" puts native species and the environment at risk. This time it is a large fish farm that raises large numbers of Atlantic Salmon in Pacific Ocean waters. The pens have collapsed allowing many thousands of Atlantic Salmon to be released into the Pacific Ocean.
Salmon have some specialized spawning grounds. They hatch in fresh water, migrate to the ocean and live for years and then must return to their actual hatching place to spawn. How will that be effected by the presence of salmon from another ocean. How will the outsider salmon react to the west coast conditions. Where will they try to go when they want to spawn?

The drone footage is very good.

The west coast salmon are already under a lot of stress because of logging and oil spills. Some populations are in serious decline.
Adding thousands of invader fish who will compete for the same resources could prove disastrous for the west coast salmon.

No one really knows what the consequences will be. It seems somehow wrong and risky to raise the Atlantic salmon on the west coast. I always thought that they at least farmed the fish in their native waters. That would be a common sense move and once again common sense is proving to be not so common.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

From this company's website - cookeseafood(dot)com (I have put in the dot to prevent their site getting a link credit):

"Protecting the ocean has always been essential to our business. We understand that feeding future generations depends on what we do today, and we are dedicated to our role as environmental stewards."

Somehow, those words don't ring true....
The fact that they raise Atlantic Salmon in the Pacific Ocean brings into question their whole dedication to the environment.
Introducing species even under controlled conditions is risky. There could be viruses, bacteria and parasites that transfer from one species to another. A virus that might be harmless in an Atlantic Salmon could prove to be fatal in the west coast species. We just don't know. Taking a chance like this is not responsible. 

Also fish escapes are the most predictable problem of fish farming. If a few Atlantic Salmon escape in their own environment, good for them. We don't know what will happen because of this massive fish release. We have seen many times over what happens when species are released in an area where they don't belong. Whole ecosystems are damaged and destroyed by invasive species.
We may be watching the beginning of another such disaster.

We just keep creating one crisis after another on this planet. Why don't we learn?
Of course there was money to be made.
You can't eat money, you can't drink money and you can't breath money. 
Money should be a tool, not a goal.
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