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Evidence of "pigs" mourning their dead.
Peccaries are members of the pig family. When one died a camera was set up to observe their response. More study might be needed, but they certainly responded to the death and showed signs of mourning.

We accept that animals are sensitive, intelligent creatures that show signs of emotional depth. I am glad to hear that there is some evidence. Many people will not believe without evidence. If people come to believe that animals have feelings then we have a better chance to gain them  some rights.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

It's very moving, and additionally, because it was shot by an eight year old. This is very valuable footage the little boy collected. Good for him!
I am sure they are mourning the one of their herd who has passed.

I once saw a strange thing...a herd of cows apparently mourning a dead Badger in a field. They were gathered round in a circle all day (as I saw them once in the morning, and again hours later on my walk back that way.) Some were sleeping or lying near the Badger, some were sniffing and nuzzling it. To my view, observing them, it seemed more than just curiosity, and curiosity doesn't last all day.
Maybe the cows like the badger. They do have contact out there in the fields. We mourn the death of non human species so why wouldn't animals mourn the loss of animals of other species. 

I think the boy is amazing. He had the sense to set up the camera and he got some good footage. The kid has a future as a photographer and a biologist.

People with pets of different species notice they mourn the loss of a fellow pet.
My Pink Tongued Skink mourned the loss of my Berber Skink. I wasn't surprized when he died within the year.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Yes, species doesn't really matter. It's how we feel about love that matters, and animals instinctively know that and don't care about species.
There are strong interspecies bonds. We always act surprized when we hear about them, but I think they must be very common.
Flocks of birds come to the feeder and they are all different species. Some of them must be friends. If there are friendships then there must be losses. Humans just don't notice things like that. So much goes on around us and we miss it.

The boy was young enough to be curious so he was open to seeing what the peccaries would do. I hope he keeps his openness as he grows up.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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