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My Two new rescue piggies
A young woman dropped a couple of young male guinea pigs off at the reptile centre. She doesn't want them any more. 
Someone will have to rescue them. I am guessing that someone is me. I took my guinea pig carrier to the reptile centre, but it turned too cold to move them. It isn't an emergency so they can wait until Saturday when it is warmer.

They are very nice boys, mostly white, one smooth coated and one Abyssinian.  I will get pictures soon. They are very shy, although that could change once I get them home.
There is always room for two more piggies. They must be feeling a bit confused. They were happily being good little pets and suddenly they are not wanted anymore. It  must be starting to ink in that they are not going home  ever again. I will have to make them feel at home at my place.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I should be bringing the boys home on Saturday. I want to set them up right away in a proper enclosure. So, I have two "herds", one in each enclosure, both older piggies with only two left in each herd. They have been talking to each other quite a bit so tonight I put them together in the bigger enclosure. It seems to be working! 

The dynamics are interesting. Martha and Muffin are probably mother and daughter. Martha is the dominant pig. The did live with Robbie and Norbert.  Cinnamon lived with her sister Caramel and Biscuit and unrelated male. Caramel is gone now and Biscuit is the dominant pig.  So any predictions about the new herd? 
Martha put Biscuit in his place right away.  She is quiet about it, but she is the boss.

If the new herd works out the two new boys can go into the smaller enclosure. They have never had it so good. They have a small cage that is not big enough for one guinea pig let alone two. There will be pictures as soom as I can get them.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I look forward to the pictures! What about names?
This is Biscuit and Cinnamon.

[Image: m58cTmMjefaIgeMG-1E5kcCr4e5PNBzCc8iH0FKu...=w502-h275]

This is Martha and Muffin.

[Image: YPjH_4zxtudoVSmRxzHfKydofUZzkrnMUzY9FNuJ...=w195-h275]

This is the blended herd.

[Image: QPsYokwYoimQX-B7rJ-N_5iWBglJ4bNNTp9Bt9aN...=w233-h275]

I just put them together and gave them a meal. I think it works. Martha is messy and Biscuit is very tidy, but I am sure they will work it out.  Muffin and Cinnamon really seem to like each other.

Putting them together frees up my smaller enclosure(it is still bigger than a cage) for the two new boys.

I am not sure about names. I will post pictures when I get them home tomorrow night and we can see what suits them.
The smooth haired one is mostly white. The Abby has more colour and is smaller. They don't look alike and I doubt they are related. One is a male for sure. The other one is most likely a male. They are really nice guinea pigs. Why would anyone get tired of them? They are not that much work.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I am really ready for the boys now!
I moved the older piggies to the smaller enclosure because it is a better location for them. It is still big enough for the four and the boys will have lots of room in the bigger enclosure.
So here is my senior herd.

[Image: RvWGudkF1hJKHHNwgL_EPX1vJJYXynW6_zg96zpv...=w588-h275]
They look happy.

[Image: Noq4BDAcYv1U7SsGSQu2OVDrXJ-tMszUgb398Syi...=w250-h275]Martha and Biscuit

[Image: wFW8WGF8xXOE4vE9AE9Cua1Rv8hiFfOKM1oukGRh...=w333-h275]Cinnamon and Muffin

Martha is a sweetheart

[Image: TkkQh1zg9eJnYMQ2rJyM8TrXHotiByWJgibNxrKi...=w220-h275]
The two younger girls seem to like each other

[Image: wFW8WGF8xXOE4vE9AE9Cua1Rv8hiFfOKM1oukGRh...=w333-h275]
They do a lot of snuggling together
[Image: dHvqWBVkzBx-ZLrKP_4R5LtlG3_lcmWPWWSA4X1o...=w398-h275]
Martha likes to get under her blankets
[Image: ZlAgUjHKvKsAJRYGZ3BAkQBacxCLJERlUOO6iYB8...=w264-h275]

This works for everyone
[Image: ZyqaL3UpF_acL3HUelcrApsxI7BJtwUh47bmbP0O...=w444-h275]
The girls can snuggle. Martha has her blankets. Biscuit can sleep in peace by himself.

Now all I need is the new boys. Their enclosure is clean and ready to go. Their dinner for tonight is already prepared and on the plate in the frig with the other piggies' dinner.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Welcome to Catherine's, new Piggies!  You will have a nice life.

I think they will be a lot less shy when they get used to their new home, and they are going to love it.
It's nice to see the pictures of them all happy and contented.
The happy and contented ones are my older piggies. I had to put them all together to make room for the new boys.

And here they are.

[Image: GGhORs2jz8MqQJHv1JvJLJaM7kQFBs_h9R80ISdA...=w155-h275]
[Image: kh83GhIuD3oQc9MaSTvHqwUmvYMUiw6k1KwV_YeM...=w155-h275]
[Image: 79R9QbMh6rWB9ie2afORzPQBU07JyFP5XcZi9tZA...=w155-h275]Larry and Joey

Larry is cute

[Image: CK5c9gizeSKHMzM_T2lss4HcErCseSzQz9qyxE4f...=w155-h275]

Joey is shy

[Image: fcGK_FIpjsxbLwHQUs8_QL4InyLwB-rEbdH3jxbb...=w155-h275]

[Image: 6myMYCgUW6wVtMMwPT2m25i7JM2RET2pK3QB4tZv...=w368-h275]

They don't know what to think

[Image: hHnRAO3OhHbc5qPfNn0_3v500Xws-IMvuqr-1Tyv...=w418-h275]

They can see a plate of veggies. They just don't know what to do about it.

[Image: fDtFI9NtqP5UVmyYrwbq2pC0zpbOFthUCk9DiA6Q...=w243-h275]

They figured it out.

[Image: Eqiwl4_y_cPqvQ3VA1bwYzykHK4qj4_WNWc1zVrI...=w208-h275]

They like their lettuce

[Image: TLip0GesqI3sQXf_QNehZdAV2GrYLBJrbM1fqu2i...=w479-h275]

They are a handsome pair.

[Image: dt4ojE8JkV2ci6KueR26SNhPtwEicz8eYIJ6n2TB...=w260-h275]

Wait until they find out that they will get more veggies tomorrow.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

"Cuteness overload", as the Americans say! Those are two lucky GPs!
They can't keep up with all the food they are getting. I gave them veggies at the reptile centre yesterday when I arrived. When I took the boys home I gave them more veggies as soon as they were in their enclosure. This morning when I got up I gave them more veggies. They hadn't finished last night's veggies. My older piggies have eaten everything and will be calling for a fruit snack in a few hours. I have grapes for them.

So how soon before Joey and Larry start demanding food just like my other guinea pigs. I assume they will talk. They can see each other because the enclosures  are not far apart. I hear talking sometimes. I assume they are talking about vegetables and hay. Wait until they get their breakfast hay. I use an organic meadow hay, it is fragrant, crunchy  and grown specially for guinea pigs. 
The hay that was left with the boys looked like floor sweepings from a horse barn and I didn't bring it home.

It is fun to have some new piggies.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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