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Warning! Snack bags can kill pets
Snacks like chips and crackers come in air tight bags. Dogs love snacks like that. If they get a hold of a bag they will first eat all the snacks and then get their head in the bag going after the crumbs. Sadly many dogs have done just that and have gotten stuck in the bag, the air tight bag and have suffocated.

This is a good warning. Tell everyone you know with a dog about the danger. These are preventable deaths. If people had known they wouldn't have left the bag out where the dog could get it. It must be horrible to come home and find your dog dead like that. Knowing that it could have been prevented makes it worse.

It would be good to look around for anything that could cause suffocation or choking. It is possible to make our homes pet safe.
Please pass this on and hopefully save a dog's life.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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