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Vystopia, the anguish of a Vegan in a non Vegan world
A psychologist who is a vegan has created a term to explain what she felt when she understood how we really treat animals.
She found other vegans she was therapist to also experienced the same anguish. It is a kind of existential dread and anxiety with regards to our treatment of animals. She found that 83% of vegans experience this. So she wrote a book detailing her discoveries.

I can identify the feeling. All around us are signs of how people treat animals badly. There are not a lot of positive things.
At least being able to understand the cause of the feelings will help vegans to cope with the world they live in. It is hard being the only one you know who cares about the way farm animals are treated or who really does refuse to wear fur.

I think it is well done that she has come up with a term to describe how a vegan feels and copes with the world. Maybe knowing  what you are feeling and why will bring peace to a great many vegans.
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